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Saturday, February 11th, 2006
7:09 am
I'M HOME!!!!!!
HEY KIDS! I'm in the airport on a weird metal keyboard atm... Waiting for my bro to arrive to take me home... Not sure whether my flight was early or whether he's late (as usual)... Never mind! I'm HOME!!! YAY...

Sorry, little bit excited to be back in the UK, can you tell?! Love you x

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
8:50 pm
Well. It's my last evening here, and tonight will be my last in the hardest bed in the world - I'm not kidding - it's atrocious.

Yesterday was my last day in school, that was harder than I thought it'd be. I played hangman with my classes, and had lunch with the teachers in my classroom, rather than the usual place in the cafeteria. The kindergarten teacher even said a few words to me - in English, which was so sweet, because she said herself her English isn't good, and she hasn't really spoken to me before (probably because she lacks the confidence - something else she said. Her English really isn't that bad!).
I was given a lot of presents - including a Tweety Pie stuffed toy, some trousers, a skirt, a figurine of a Boy Scout (I have no idea why) and a basket of fruit. Some of the children gave me gifts too - a boy called 'Dream' gave me a mug with chocolates in, and another child (I have no idea who) gave me a stuffed snail. And I received numerous pieces of paper with drawings and 'I love you' written on them.

At the end of the day, each child came up to me and said 'Goodbye Teacher'. I almost cried :( And then, pretty much every child in the school - including ones I don't teach - came with pieces of paper in hand asking me 'name' (meaning they wanted me to sign the paper - because I'm a superstar), and then, everyone came back and said 'email'. I must've written my name and email address about 50 times. I kid you not :s I don't know why I just didn't write it on the blackboard in my classroom and they could've copied it down for themselves - then it's their own fault if it's wrong! Ah, hindsight is a wonderful thing...

Oh, forgot to say - it absolutely POURED with rain for about 20 minutes yesterday morning - and there was a power cut (it's automatic as a precaution apparently, because they get a lot of lightning). Then it cleared up and became bright sunshine!

Today, Chane took me to the places she took Erynn to on her last day. We got the bus to Khao San Road (oh, 'we' includes Georgina, a new volunteer from London, she arrived yesterday!) then whilst Chane got the tickets for the Gang to go to Krabi (I'm so annoyed I'm missing it!), Georgina and I wandered around (me for about the millionth time!). If I ever come back to Thailand (which I hope I will) I vow not to go to Khao San... Although I know I'll go back on that vow... Ah well! Umm, then went to Swensens for icecream (we have got to get Swensens in the UK, I love it!), then met Chane again and went to some coffee place for lunch (Erynn, you remember the name? I know Chane took you there, but I can't remember the name! Ah well, not important), and then took the boat to the Reclining Buddha. OMIGOD it's HUGE! Haha, I know what you mean now Erynn, about the 'Biggest Buddha' we saw being tiny compared to it! WOW! Umm, then went back to Khao San and went to McDonalds (oh Erynn, the times we had in McDonalds :p) where the 'Gang' arrived - only Tom, Tasha, Nikola and Phoebe though - and they were like 'what are you doing here, we thought you'd gone home!' Lol, they wish!
Then caught a tuktuk to Chinatown to meet Ann, did some shopping, kept seeing cute things that people would like, so bought them! Then got a minibus home. Umm, that's pretty much it!

And now Pinky's having a tantrum in the bedroom. I know she's sad I'm leaving, but really! She's been crying for about 10 minutes solid! Oh dearie dearie me...

Umm, anyway, it's my last day today :(
Tomorrow will be spent packing, although I've literally chucked everything into my suitcase ready to be taken out again and organisedly packed. I just want to pack dammit! I know, I'm odd... Get over it :p
It hasn't really sunk in that I've been here a month and I'm getting back on that plane tomorrow... I don't want to go home, but I know I'm very ready to. That may be a contradiction, but those who know me best will understand.

I don't want to have to get a job, and although i crave the independence that comes with having a car, I don't really want to spend the time and money learning. Actually, the money's not so much of a problem, it's the time. I want to be able to drive NOW. Hopefully I'll find it easy and it won't take me too long. Actually, I don't mind getting a job either - I loved working in Costa, except for the fact I didn't have much free time, and I have no way of getting there and back from home. The convenience of living in Yeovil was almost a hinderence - because I got so used to spending all my time there, my social life there grew, and now I'm not going to be there, well, omigoodness, i'm actually gonna have to arrange either transport to and from gigs, or find a place to stay... Bugger! I really shouldn't think about this now, because I can't do anything about it until I get back, and I need to see certain people and sort things out before I can make any decisions about anything.

I hate making decisions. Poo.

Anyway. I got sidetracked.

My month here has been amazing. Yes, there have been times when I've felt lonely, or bored, and there have been a couple of moments when I've really wanted to come home. But now I'm actually due to leave, I really don't want to. Even without Erynn here, I've had a great time. I've made some great friends, found out that some people are just idiots who will never stop being a gay twat (ahem - I know that's grammatically incorrect, it was intentional) and got a pathetic excuse for a tan. No, really. It isn't even close to being a tan :p And I've caught the travelling bug. Big stylee. But I know that where ever I go, I need to take someone with me. Because being lonely isn't fun at all.

Erynn, I'll never forget the good times we had - talking about, umm, 'stuff'; experiencing an elephant ride together for the first time; getting tattoos (never get yellow!); visiting Khao San numerous times, just to get McDonalds' ice-cream; going to a deserted pool to get 'sunburn'; that first bicycle ride; the ants omigoodness, the ants!; talking about the 'Gang'; and numerous other adventures we had. Just remember 'What was said in Thailand, stays in Thailand'! Take care, stay in touch, and you know if you ever want to come to the UK, just give me a shout (well, email) and there's always room for you at my house (wherever that may be at the time of your visit!) Even if it does mean Paul sleeping on the floor and us sharing a bed ;)

For now my friends, I'm gonna leave this for now. May update when I get home to tell you about my flight, and I may even carry on using this journal for day to day life... Who knows?! Even I don't!

And even though you're not reading this for a while, because you can't... (Love/3/3) x

Lots of love x

Current Mood: thoughtful
Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
6:41 pm
Ok, the boredom doesn't creep up on me... It's just constant... Seriously, I never thought I could be so bored, but it seems if there's no one to talk to and nothing to do, you get bored pretty quickly... Ok, enough with the word 'bored' or any variants of it... 4 times in as many lines isn't good :p

Ok, so I'll complain about something else instead :p haha, in all seriousness though, I'm rather hungry and there's nothing to eat. Except plain, steamed rice. That's it. So I had some. And I'm still hungry. Ick. Someone come and stick a sausage in my mouth. Please. Or a carrot. A raw carrot would be the sex right now... No pun intended.

On a lighter note, I get a 'thank you' party at school tomorrow because it's my last day! Although I'll be really sad to go. Some of the kids are really cute. I have my favourites :p lol, ah well, they're generally the ones who speak the most English!

Reconfirmed my flights today, found out it leaves Bangkok at 8pm rather than 8.35pm... Still arrive in UK same time, just have half an hour more at Doha... Will prob just have a midnight snack... Or fall asleep and sleep through my connection I expect! I have a sleeping pill, don't know when to take it, bearing in mind I leave Thailand at 8pm, get to Qatar at 11.30pm and leave at 2am, then arrive in UK at 7am-ish... Any advice on when to take the pill? Oh, and all the times are local times... My flight from Bangkok to Doha is about 6 hours, and from Doha to London, about 7 hours... I'm thinking when I get on the plane from Doha to London? What do you think? The time differences are a bit confusing...

Ok, if it's 12 midday in UK, it's 3pm in Doha.
If it's 3pm in Doha, it's 7pm in Bangkok.
Let me see if I can figure this out...

When I arrive in Doha on Friday night, it's gonna be 11.30pm there. In UK it'll be 8pm and in Thailand it'll be 3.30am.
When I leave Doha, it'll be 2am there, 11pm in UK and 6am in Bangkok.

I'm losing 7 hours, but it won't matter too much, because I can sleep it, and my body should cope :s I hope!
I still want advice on when to take the sleeping pill, bearing in mind it takes half an hour to an hour to kick in... I can always try to sleep naturally too... Hmm... Tres difficile... Almost as difficult as 'The Uni Decision'... That's such a big one it deserves apostrophes and Capital Letters... :p

Then Saturday, hopefully (if my bro agrees) the plan is to go home, and I'm hoping he'll take a detour to Yeovil so I can drop my photos into Jessops to be developed asap... Then home, to unpack, give people presents etc... Then sleep... Then Sunday, I'm gonna eat some real food - Mum said she'd cook a roast dinner... Mmmmmmmmm... I think I may just cream my pants there and then :p sorry for the lewdness, but the thought of roast lamb is almost too much to handle... Umm... Then Monday I get going again to Bath... That's gonna be a trek! Haha, have a bloody long journey - an hour on the bus, (wander for a bit, maybe pick up my photos if my bro agrees to the detour on Saturday), a 20 minute walk to the train station, then an hour or so on the train... But it's ok, it'll be worth it! I can sleep when I get there... Although I probably won't... Just talk 9 to the dozen, throw my photos around (I'll probably try to literally do this, please don't let me!), and then collapse on the floor... :p

Umm... Yeah... I want to pack now! But I'm leaving it 'til Friday so I don't have to leave gaps for things, I hate doing that... Just gonna get my suitcase and bag, and BLITZ! Hehe...

Best be off...

Monday, February 6th, 2006
5:57 pm
My weekend was stunning!
Omigoodness... My weekend has been pretty damn ace! Umm, taught on Friday, then made my way to Bangkok to meet up with 'The Gang' (Phoebe, Natasha, Alex, Tom and Nikola). Got a taxi to the Southern Bus terminal to get a bus to Kanchanaburi. Bus took about 2 hours, then got a mini van to the 'Jolly Frogs' - the guesthouse we were staying in. Sorted out rooms, then went for some dinner. My rice came in a pineapple! Well cool :p

Umm, Chane and a new volunteer called Michelle arrived then, and then Charlotte and Katie (her roommate) got there... Went with Charlotte and Katie up to our room, we had to share a double bed between us because they didn't have enough rooms or summat... Not a problem though! Then we all headed to the Buddaha bar (that's what it was called) only about a 2 minute walk from our guesthouse... They had a 'cocktail' in buckets! It was Sang Som (a Thai rum), Sprite and Red Bull... In a red plastic seaside bucket... Me and Charlotte kept joking that we needed a spade... :p haha, we got quite tiddly, Alex threw some ice at me, so I threw my drink over him... He said he hated me, so I poured a bottle of Sprite over his head... He wasn't very happy... :p Was hilarious... Umm, don't really remember much else, except that Charlotte kept saying 'I should get your email address'... She said it about 5 times, and she already has it anyway... She's even talked to me on MSN the silly :p

Anyways, headed back, got to bed at about 2am...
Then got up again at 7... :s With a sore head...
Had some breakfast, then got onto the minibus and headed off. Picked up some more people, including 2 girls about 18, and a guy who was with them who was 30 or so. They come from Windemere in Cumbria which is like, mega close to where my uncle lives! Was well weird... And the guy's dad lives in Yeovil! Haha, was so strange to be standing in Thailand, talking about Yeovil to complete strangers! Small world...

Ok, firstly, we went to the Erawan National Park, it has 7 waterfalls, 5 of which you can swim in... If you google it, you'll see how stunnning they are, although there aren't any photos of the 7th one, probably because the people who took them are pussies and wouldn't trek up to the top! Proper trek though, climbing up rocks and stuff... Not a place to take your Grandma! Haha, but, omigod, it is so worth the effort... Absolutely breathtaking.

Next, after we ate lunch in the minibus (we were half an hour late getting down from the waterfalls so they made it a takeaway for us), we headed to the elephant park where we rode on elephants! Was quite fun, I got to ride on the elephants neck for a while, like Erynn did when we went in Hua Hin... Then, here comes the best bit, we headed down to the river where I put my swimsuit on and a life jacket, and climbed back onto the elephant's neck with a scrubbing brush in my hand (yes, I'm a scrubber :p) and went into the river, where the elephant completely submerged herself in the water, meaning I got soaked! And the man on her back splashed me, so I got proper wet! Funfun! Dried off a bit whilst some of the others did it, then headed up the river in a minivan to get onto a bamboo raft... Peacefully floated down the river, which was relaxing, but not the most fun part of the day.
Then we went to a cave which was used as a hospital for POWs in WW2 or something, then went on the 'Death Train' - the railway was built by POWs and Asian labourers in WW2. Lots of people died and stuff.
Headed back then to the guesthouse and was absolutely shattered! Had something to eat, checked my emails in a net cafe, then headed to bed. The others all went to the Buddaha bar again, but I was too tired, and needed to sleep. Still didn't get to sleep 'til about midnight though! Got woken up at 4am by Charlotte and Katie coming in, but nothing eventful really happened, so went back to sleep pretty quickly...

Got up at about 9.30ish on Sunday, went and had some breakfast, then Charlotte, Michelle and I went to the Death Railway Museum. It is horrifying how many people died in Thailand in WW2, mainly because of the way the Japanese treated them. Horrible. Quite a few of them were British too. We went across the road to the Cemetery, and looked at some of the headstones. I'm not sure whether the bodies are actually buried there or if they're just memorial plaques, but anyhow... It is so moving to see the messages from people's families enscribed onto the plaques, especially the ones from wives and children to 22 year olds. Then I saw my Mum's maiden name on one of them and it really hit me. No idea why really, I guess it was the shock of seeing a name so close to home.

Headed back from there after a bit, such a hot day, was too much to spend a lot of time in it. We managed to get a minibus back to Khao San Road - you're supposed to book a day in advance, but because we had enough people to fill a minibus, we managed to get one on the day! Got back to Khao San, I said goodbye to everyone, because I won't see them again before I leave... Then me and Michelle caught the bus back to Mahachai. Not much else really happened! But I was shattered so probably a good thing! Although my dinner consisted of some steamed rice and some Pringles because my host family had gone to Bangkok and I had no idea when they'd be home! So, not great really!

Today, I taught the kids some stuff. Got covered in chalk as usual. Not much really happened, well, that I can be arsed to type... I'm hungry, I'm going for my tea now :p

(I/2/1) x

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
9:59 am
I'm boooooooooooored... Stupid... It's 10am, so it's 3am in the UK... So obviously no one's online... POOO!!! Ah well. 8 days 'til I come home! The whole of my flight is gonna be darkness, except maybe when I land - don't know what time the sun rises in the UK - I'm due to land at 6.50am Saturday morning, can someone let me know what time the sun rises? I'm too lazy to google it... Actually, that's a lie, I'm so bored, any type of distraction is better than just sitting here... Ok, it rises at bout 7.30... I mentionned to Erynn that my whle flight would be in darkness, she didn't believe me! She said the sun would be risen by 7am! Well... I knew I was right :p

Woop, listening to JCB song... Better not start singing along, the kids will think I'm weird... Haha, probably do already... Wow, if you type www.googel.com into the address bar, it still comes up as Google! Isn't that interesting...

Yes, I'm VERY bored... Can you tell? I could write some emails I suppose, I know I need to write one to my brother, telling him to bring me a cheese and Marmite sandwich to the airport when he picks me up... I am craving it so much! And some clothes would be good - Jeans! I wanna wear jeans again! I know I need proper clothes when he picks me up because it's gonna eb chilly! Especially for me - because it's blimmin' well 35 degrees over here!

Just looked up the weather - in Ilminster today, there's a maximum day temperature of 4 degrees C and a minimum night temperature of 1 degree C, whereas in Bangkok, there's a maximum day temperature of 35 degrees C and a minimum Night temperature of 25 degrees C... I'm gonna have such a shock when I come home!
Ok, I'm bored now, so gonna post this and find something better to do!

Love and stuff :) x
Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
1:45 pm
I'm better now, YAY!

Umm, got quite angry with the children just now... I know they don't speak much English, but I think that's all the more reason to listen to me to make sure they understand... I've got Prathom (class) 3 atm, and there's a table of 8 boys and 4 of them just would not stop talking! Bloody hell! I was trying to explain emotions and getting the class to repeat the words back to me, to make sure they can pronounce the words right, and these 4 stupid kids were just talking through it! How rude! So I raised my voice and made big gestures so they got the point and umm, yeah... I am not gonn abe kids' favourite teacher at school :p I've realised how fucking strict I'm gonna be! And if I ever have kids, jeez, they're gonna either be the most angelic kids ever, or they're gonna rebel to fuck and be right little shits!


Umm... Ahem... Well, I actually can't be arsed to type anymore, especially as I'm getting NO comments... Seriously, I know Sophie's readin this, but I would like to know who else is too! Otherwise what's the point of writing it? I might as well just email Sophie!

From me to you I send a cool pencil sharpener with a mouse on it :) Tis as cute as you x

Current Mood: aggravated
Monday, January 30th, 2006
9:27 am
I have food poisoning... It sucks... Threw up in a taxi coming home from May's yesterday, and so not at school today because I haven't eaten anything that hasn't been regurgitated! YUCKY!

So, umm, yeah, feel crappy and ill and want to be at home in my own bed... But I'm stuck in Thailand... Not so bad though, think next weekend, the other TPA volunteers are doing something cool and I'll go along to that if I feel better.

Well, lots of love for now x

(Love/8/6) - You'll understand in due course... x

Current Mood: sick
Saturday, January 28th, 2006
8:05 pm
Just one amendment to the previous entry... The cookies I 'sent', well, they had cashews in, not peanuts, so umm, yeah, I retract them... :p

At May's Grandma's now... Lots of food, because it's Chinese New Year tomorrow! YAY! Umm, will update more when I get back tomorrow x
Friday, January 27th, 2006
11:05 am
Oh my goodness!
How do you comfort a crying child if you don't speak their language?!
From her pointing, I think she was crying because of another girl... And isn't it ironic we're doing emotions?! So I pointed to the 'happy' face on the board and said 'you should be this one', then gave her a hug and said 'Ok?' and she nodded... And she's stopped crying now, so that's a good sign... Well, wasn't that stressful?!! All part of the job description I suppose...

Umm, just taught my 3rd graders modes of Transport, and now, the 2nd graders emotions... Any ideas what i can teach?! I'm running out!

From me to you I send some peanut cookies... Don't die though! x

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
7:00 pm
Come on, seriously?
50 bites... I kid you not... There were 35 at the last count - that's 15 new ones... Stupid insects. I couldn't even sleep last night cos my feet itched so much... And that was after a layer of antihistimine cream AND more repellent! Stupid sucky insects... And I'm bored, there's not really much to do...
I feel kinda bad leaving Erynn this weekend, especially because it's her last weekend, but then I reassure myself with the knowledge that I didn't ask to be put with her (or anyone, for that matter!) and she's 'leaving' me on Weds... So it's ok.

Ah well... I'll have a good time with May, and yes Sophie, I'll tell her that... I'll have to write it down...

Umm, for now, adios! Will prob update after the weekend... We'll see :)

From me to you, I send lush watermelon, which I'm not supposed to eat, but I can't help it because it's LOVELY! x

Current Mood: bored
12:42 pm
After lunch...
Hey again... Blimmin' hell, having net at school means I can update ALL the time! WOOP! I might send some emails in a minute...
Lunch was weird - had some odd mulitcoloured noodle things for dessert in a strange milky liquid (like coconut milk, not that you dirty children...) and 'jackfruit' in it... (It gets dirtier by the second...!) Pink, yellow and blue noodles are, umm, disconcerting to eat... :p
Teaching Prathom (grade) 2 now, numbers. They knew up to ten, but 'teen' numbers they had no clue!

I'm rather bored... Anyone recommend any good net games? I'm bored of spider solitaire... :p

From me to you I send, umm... (ok, I'm running out of things to send...) the pink uniform the kids are wearing, because you'd look hott in it... but let's face it, you'd look hot in anything... Or rather out of anything... :p x

Current Mood: relaxed
10:49 am
Managed to get up for school today, ick :p
Haha, had 4th grade 1st, did weather with them... Was fun. just left them to it while I went online! Lol, they can't be learning anything...
Got 3rd grade now, after much confusion over who I was supposed to be teaching, my timetable said 6th grade, but there's one outside the door that says 3rd grade... Ah well, I just teach whoever turns up! This class is the biggest - 14 of them, and I can tell they don't actually understand much of what I say... It's ok... I know how to say 'write' - 'kian' so i just say that and point to whatever's on the board and leave them to it!
Last night Erynn and I went to Mahachai market, she wanted some shoes, but these people have tiny feet, so she couldn't find any... Umm, I talked to May online, and arranged to go to ehr house in Rayong at the weekend :) felt kinda bad cos I'll be leaving Erynn and it's her last weekend, but I want to see May! It's Chinese New Year on Friday, so that will be fun, will get to celebrate it with May and her family, and because May speaks English, I won't feel isolated! Woop!

Well, umm, I think I'm gonna teach weather to all my classed today, it's easier, then I don't have to draw so much, and my drawing is shite, so it's a good job!

From me to you, I send Strawberry gum, it tastes as nice as you :p x

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
1:00 pm
Ick... So I'm not in school today, felt like crap when I woke up, so got my host parents to tell the lady who gives me a lift that I'm ill, and went back to bed... When I woke up again, I realised I have soooooooooo many insect bites, be they mossie or ants bites, I don't know... But I have so many! And they itch and hurt and I have lots on my sunburnt feet :( which means I shouldn't put antihistimine cream on them, but I don't care cos they itch so much!
If I just counted right, I have 35 bites. They are rubbish and I'm pissed off as a result of this. They look gross and I just want to be at home in a bed that doesn't have ants in :( And be able to eat crisps that are a normal flavour! They have random flavours, like seaweed, and salmon, and other weird stuff... And I want chocolate :( And bread and potatoes... Seriously, I am hungry all the time... Rice fills you up really quickly, then 20 mins later, you're starving again... With nothing else to eat except rice...
So if you wanna go on a diet, come to Thailand!
Well, I'm gonna go be miserable by myself now!

From me to you, I send my love, because material things don't matter when I have you (And I couldn't think of anything else :p) x
Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
11:06 am
Ok, so I'm in the middle of a lesson right now, the kids are writing shapes into their books... Firstly, with the 6 graders went right back to basics and did the alphabet, making them say each letter, because their pronounciation is crap sometimes! The reaaaaaaaly can't say 'v'... It comes out as 'wee' can't help but giggle cometimes... I am covered in chalk dust... Ah well, made the kids try and say 'fresh fish', I can't even explain what it sounds like! 'Tis really funny! Haha, 'fwesh fith'... :p Then they had to write the letters in their books because the formation of their letters is a bit, well, erm, weird sometimes... I've done the same with the 5th graders... And it's lunch time in a minute :) well, 15...
I have the net hooked up right next to my desk, so can do what I like whilst the kids are working :) It's great! It means I can update more often and not have to do such mammoth entries like the one I did last night!
Anywho, better go and make sure they're doing their work, may update when the 4th or 2nd graders are working... Broadband at school rocks!
From me to you, I send a cake with what looks like grated Red Leicester cheese on top, but is in actual fact, orange coconut! :s xxx

Current Mood: hungry
Monday, January 23rd, 2006
10:02 pm
I found out what's in the secret extra room... A shrine with like a million Buddhas... Weird...

You know what's weirder?

I've updated 3 times tonight, after not updating for AGES!
And i only managed to delete 3 days this time (it's ok, I retyped them I have them on paper :p)

Much love kids x x x
9:58 pm
The big secret...
Was Tesco. Don't ask why it was a big secret... I don't remember... I don't think we even went in the end :p ah well!

Current Mood: amused
9:50 pm
A mammoth entry!
Ok, so... I got to heading back to TPA office... That was an adventure in itself... We managed to get a taxi on the meter to Victory Point, the place to get the bus from (apparently...), and when we got there - wow, it is HUGE!! It's a big roundabout, with bout 6 lanes, then on the outside, there's the buses all around... There's an overpass to get around it, because it's so big and so busy... Anyway, we looked all around this place for the Number68 bus to take us back to Mahachai, and we couldn't find it... Took us bout 20 mins to walk around, only to find there wasn't a stand for it! So we went to the Information desk, and pointed to the appropriate writing on the sheet we've been given telling us how to get places. The man in the Info booth basically said the bus didn't go from Victory Point! Bugger! So rang Chane and she spoke to the man and he told us to get on a number 140 bus and get off at Tesco (yes, they have Tesco here!) where she'd have a taxi pick us up. Some woman told us when to get off the bus, and a good job too, cos the Tesco sign wasn't 'til after the bus stop - we wouldn't have seen it 'til too late! Got a taxi back to TPA, where new girl 'Jordan' was supposed to be... Her stuff was all over one of the beds, but, we couldn't find her anywhere! Was kinda creepy in this building... But we got over it and got ready for bed, then talked, then slept.

Got up next morning, went home to pick up some bits, then headed back to Khao San with the newly found Jordan (she'd been at Kae's house). We met Tom and Phoebe (the others had gone home) in the whisky bar, as it came to be so fondly called! Then headed to the Grand Palace, where the King used to live or summat - I dunno - it's a pretty temple, that's why I went! We grabbed a couple of tuk tuks to get us there, and agreed on 50 baht per tuk tuk. However, when we got there, the others seemed to think we were paying 50 baht for a round trip... So they argued with the drivers... Whilst me and Jordan stood there going 'We don't actually care, it's mega cheap anyway!'... Jordan and I paid one guy and the other one eventually drove off with some other 'farang' (Westerners) who didn't barter when they got in, bet they paid a hefty price!
We got into the Grand Palace and found that there wasn't much to look at unless you paid 250 baht per person to get in. As there was less than an hour before it shut, we didn't bother! Headed back to Khao San and got some fresh pineapple, omigosh it was lush!! :) Seriously, the amount of transportation they must go throught to get to the UK means they have no flavour whatsoever! Mmmmmm, lush pineapple...
Then caught a PINK! taxi back to Mahachai. Had a hilarious convo on the way - about gross sex acts like rimming, felching, snowballing and Becca's 'pirate' - I think I grossed Erynn out... It was just like being back in the little room! I;m not dirty... :p

Tuesday was my first day of teaching! Was quite nervous, although when I got there, everyone was very welcoming. I was supposed to be observing in the morning, then teaching in the afternoon, but the Thai teachers didn't seem to know that, so I taught all day!
Had 6th graders to start - I drew animals on the board and wrote sentences about them - they told me what colours the animals are, then they copied the pictures and sentences into their books whilst I tried to get all the chalk dust off of me!
Then had 5th graders, taught them about fruits. They had a teacher with them, she speaks a bit of English which helped...
These kids are funny though - when I asked them what colour a fruit was, and we'd established they were a different colour inside, they came up with 'chop chop'. E.G. 'Mango - green, chop chop, yellow!' - Mangoes are green on the outside and yellow on the inside! Maybe you had to be there...
The teacher in the class then informed me that if the children were naughty, I could hit them! I was like, I can't do that! That's illegal in the UK!
The first graders were 'delivered' to me after lunch - they are so small! I tried to do 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' with them, but they don't actually get it, they were just copying the actions... Then tried colours, nope they just copy... Then I got tired - about 10 mins from the end, so they kinda ran riot for a while... And then they were collected 20 minutes late! Not impressed!
The second graders managed to do colours with me. A couple of them brought me their pencil crayons to be sharpened - I asked them where the bin was, but there wasn't one, so they held out their hands for the sharpenings! Then they took them to the bin, bless 'em! They are so polite too - they say 'Teacher, may I go out please' and 'Teacher, may I come in please' But they get a bit muddled sometimes...
To make my first day even more difficult, there were (and still are) workmen outside all the time, drilling and generally being noisy and disruptive... GRR!
We went to Tesco to get some food – omigod these people can’t drive! Go stop, rev cruise, rev cruise… You get fucking mini whiplash every time you go anywhere with them! :(

In the morning, I was picked up early to go to a horrible, smelly, crappy open market. It was shit, can you tell?! And because I got up early to go, I almost fell asleep before lessons began!
With 6th grade, I tried to teach them occupations, but it was too difficult, so went back to basics and we did ‘my name is’ – so now I know their names because they’re on name cards!
5th grade I taught food. They just shouted different types of food at me from all directions- they don’t understand the concept of raising your hand...
4th grade, I taught body parts – I took a picture of my amazing</endsarcasm> drawing on the board :p
3rd grade, I gave them a photocopied sheet with fruit on, they coloured it in and drew lines from the printed labels to the correct fruit. EASY LESSON!
In the evening, Erynn and I went to the swimming pool in our village – we rode the family bicycle (oi oi, no jokes about me and village bicycles :p) but that was an adventure in itself – it has a seat on the back for a second person to sit on, and oh my goodness, I laughed all the way! The pool is lush – the water is just the right temperature, and it was only me and Erynn in there! Because Thai people don’t like the sun and their dark skin – they go to any measure to keep themselves out of it – I’m like some kind of goddess because my skin’s so pale! Jeez, they even have bleaching soap!
A simple request later in the evening to go and buy some credit turned into a flipping outing! Both parents had to drive me there, and then they took me to the market to buy food… I ONLY WANTED FUCKING CREDIT!
Ah well… Had a shower before I went to bed, and I had some washing to do too. You’re not allowed to put underwear in the washing machine for some reason, so it’s easier to do it in the shower!

Thursday, I got a revised time table, with different classes in place of my 1st grade classes. Can’t remember what I taught anyone on Thurs! Haha :p
What I do remember is that Gaede, a 6th grader gave me a cute little teddy bear which sat on my desk all day :) then this really fucking annoying little girl called Som, who’d been pissing me off all day, knocked over a glass of (what they call) OJ (it’s gross) onto it, so I can’t even bring it back to the house because the ants will eat it! Was so pissed off! Ah well…

Friday, went to Khao San again with Erynn, (skived school, told them we were going to Hua Hin the whole weekend :p) changed some money, bought a couple of cute tops :) then our host parents picked us up at bout 7pm. They asked us if we wanted to go to a ‘pub’ to listen to some music, have drinks and eat dinner. We were like ‘why not?’ Then we spent 2 fucking hours driving trying to get to this place called ‘Shelter’ (you’ll see the irony in a mo), in all honesty, it was probably about half an hours drive away… But, because we missed the turning 3 times and then missed another turning and had to go quite a way to turn around, it took ages. And you know why he kept missing the turnings? Because he was on the fucking phone every time we went past them. And I hate people who drive and talk on their phone at the same time…
Anyway, we got there, and got ID’d, which we thought was weird… and then we got inside and discovered it was a nightclub posing as a restaurant… With ‘boom boom’ music I hate with a passion, and just grr! We went and sat down at a table of weird old men, who we later found out are Grit’s friends… But they were just leery and yucky and horrible :( And because neither me or Erynn had any clue what was going on, we were so scared… Thoughts honestly went through my mind of ‘Wtf do I do if they try anything?’ I was really wary of my drink and bag, and made sure I could see them both all the time… It’s hard to explain what I mean and the extent of the situation without showing you the place, or you being there in my shoes, but were scared and I felt so vulnerable and unsafe. Let’s leave it at that. It didn’t help that I was tired and had a headache before we even got there… I told them I was tired and they took us home pretty soon after that.

Saturday, got up, and went to the pool again. There were a group of Thai guys, bout 15/16 year olds, congregating around this pillar, watching us in the pool. We thought it was hilarious because when we stared back at them, they got embarrassed so stopped staring! And it was fun to know they probably didn’t understand half of what we were saying anyway! Was in the pool for a bit, then did some sunbathing, with LOADS of suncream on, kept applying and re-applying, but to no avail! The inevitable happened and I got burnt :p Good job I brought aftersun with me!

Sunday morning, we got up uber early to go to Hua Hin!
We left at 6.20am with a carload – our host parents, Pinky and Punch asleep in the back, Erynn and I in the middle row, and Grandma in the back with the girls! We drove to ‘Cha-am’ first – a pretty crappy beach, we only stayed for about 20 minutes, then drove on to Hua Hin!
The first part of the beach was chocka-block with sun loungers and deck chairs and there were umbrellas shading most of these. Along from there was open beach, with just a few people laid on the sand… The water was lush, not cold, but not hot. Didn’t get too deep either, because it’s in a Gulf, which also meant there weren’t any waves for me and Erynn to jump over :( !! Never mind…
I walked along the open beach collecting shells for Erynn and trying not to step on the tiny crabs scuttling everywhere. They were rolling the sand into tiny balls (no idea why), but they’d scuttle into little holes when they sensed you walking close.
Loads of dead jellyfish and these tiny silver fish along the beach – Eww! :p

We left the beach at about 2pm and went to an elephant village…
I RODE AN ELEPHANT!!! :) Her name was Campong (although I called her Nelly :p) and she was soo cute! She’s an Indian elephant, 35 years old (they live ‘til bout 80) and she weighs 3 tonnes!
We rode on her for about an hour (took quite a few pictures, and had an official one done which I bought as a souvenir…) and as a final touch, we rode through water! Then fed the elephants bananas :) So much fun!
Headed home then, but on the way, we stopped off at the biggest Buddha in the world (or maybe just Thailand, I wasn’t listening :p). Was rather big, but, to be honest, didn’t do anything for me. ‘Tis just a big moulded lump of metal/stone… I’m sure it’s amzing to Buddhists, but to me, not so magnificent…
On the way home, realized how much more sunburnt I was- my legs and feet got really burnt on the elephant ride (my right foot is actually swollen :s)… Ah well, I’ll just keep applying aftersun and hope it turns into some kind of tan… Let’s face it, I’m still gonna be lily white when I come home… :p Maybe with slightly pinky brown shoulders…!!

Today (Monday), taught the 6th graders about vegetables, they class lemons and limes as vegetables! What’s with that?! Then did ‘My name is’ with the 5th, 4th and 3rd grades… Although the 3rd grade didn’t quite understand the instructions, so when I wrote ‘My name is Claire on the board (the underlined bit to be changed to their own name) they all copied it exactly… Well, not all, but most of them… Bless their cotton socks :p But took pics of each class with their ‘My name is’ sheets, so may be able to remember some of their names when I get back! Haha…

Oh my goodness! I’ve actually caught up! What’s with that?!

Ooh, 2 things I know I’ve missed out…

1. I got a tattoo last Sunday at Khao San! It’s a black and purple rose by my hip, with my name in Thai underneath it… It’s so cute :p
2. Erynn goes home on the 1st of February, so I’ll have a week and a bit without her… That’ll be strange…

Anywho, until next time (whenever that may be… :p) kids, bye bye!

From me to you, I send the giant teddy bear I was given by the school, that I’m gonna have to leave here because he’s so big… :( I love you x

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
5:58 pm
Maybe the first of a few updates, only a bit of time...
Ok< grr-ness to the deleting 2 hours worth of update - and it was such a good one! Darn! Well, I guess it'll be more brief this time, ah well... Here goes...
Ok, got to Khao San Road on Saturday evening, and found a twin room for 250 baht a night (bout 3 pounds 80p - no pound sign on this keyboard!). Went shopping, bought some cool clothes, and gifts for people, lovely stuff for so cheap! Umm, but your presents were all REALLY expensive :p Anywho, Erynn, Charlotte and myself went for a meal at an Italian - we were a little bit sick of rice, and rice and noodles, and rice, and noodles! So I had some chips and they had pizza... Anyway, went with Erynn to this Tattoo place to get her a tattoo (funnily enough) - she got an elephant with the word 'elephant' written underneath in Thai. Never get yellow in a tattoo, because they have to put it deeper into the skin so it doesn't fade - Erynn yelped a couple of times... It looked so painful! After that, Erynn and Charlotte did more shopping while I went online - I needed a sit down because it had been such a long day, and it was 11pm by then! Khao San doesn't shut 'til bout 2am... Tis the place for travellers... Umm, they came to collect me when they'd done shopping, and we headed back to the hostel, because we couldn't get hold of Alex, Tom, Tasha and Nikki (Phoebe was back at the hostel already). The others had been drinking Thai whisky since we arrived at Khao San, so we guessed they'd be pretty wasted! The room was pretty basic - 2 beds, 2 pillows and a GIANT towel to share, with 3 cubicles with toilets and showers in to be shared by the whole floor (only bout 6 rooms). But for 3pounds80? BARGAIN! Even though we were so tired walking back to the room, when me and Erynn settled down to sleep, we couldn't and we talked for ages, then opened our window and watched the dregs of people go by - we saw a couple of ladyboys :p and some VERY drunk travellers, but after a while we decided to go to sleep. I got up at about 10ish and waved the others off - they were going on a tour of temples around Bangkok - and was told about Alex's night of lewdness - he hooked up with some Thai chick :p but he said he used protection and also that he got bored halfway through... But then he was VERY drunk... Still, what an idiot! Alcohol is the most expensive things to drink over here - bout 3 quid for a reasonable sized bottle, but I don't see the attraction - it dehydrates you more than you already are, drains your money (you can get a bottle of Coke/Pepsi for 30p) and there are so many other things to do in such a beautiful country, why waste your time doing something you can do at home?! Ah well, their loss...
Headed over to McDonalds for breakfast (I'm really sorry, I hate McDonalds, but when it's the only place you recognise that doesn't sell rice or noodles, it's a welcome change...) I had chips and icecream :D such a healthy girl I am! Then did more shopping! It was fun! Just me and Erynn, the others all went on the Temple tour (except Nikki who'd seen them before - she had a lie in I think). We met up with the others later at the bar (any time I've spoken about a bar - prob none now I've said that - it was the same one - it turned into a sort of base!) and then headed back for the TPA office...

And I'm gonna leave it there, because I need a shower and Erynn and I are going out in a mo - can't tell you where though, it's a big secret 'til I update! TTFN x

From me to you, I send a paper aeroplane I made today :) x

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Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
6:03 pm
Monday, January 16th, 2006
8:34 pm
Okaaaaaay... Gotta remember what I've done!
Right... Umm, when did I last update and what did I say?? *Goes to check...* Jesus, this computer is slow... I hate dial up...
God, I haven't updated for AGES! Seriously, it feels like I've been here so long... I've done so much!
Ok, so, Children's Day...
I arrived at the school, and was basically told to put make up on the children - not just the girls - all of them (can see why they get ladyboys!)
Umm, then I sat in the 'canteen' and ate a lot, they kinda kept giving me food, so I ate it... And drinks, with ice in it - it took me about 10 minutes to make them understand I couldn't have ice because it would make me sick!
The children were playing games like Musical Chairs and some 'primary school sports day' type games (if that makes sense).
Then there were people on a stage (I wasn't really paying attention, and it was all in Thai, so obviously I couldn't understand!) giving something to someone, whilst someone else took pictures...
Then there was lots of dancing and singing, to Thai music I didn't understand... The weird thing was, this lady kept going up to the stage and handing the kids money - like only 20 baht (30p ish), but it was strange to me!
When I asked one of the kids about it, they said it was 'gift'. So I guess it's normal... :S
Then there was karaoke, which was funny, because the kids kept saying 'Teacher sing song!' (My new name is 'Teacher' :p) and I was like, Umm, I don't speak Thai, how am I supposed to sing it?! Silly children...
Can't really remember too much more about that, so umm, Saturday!

Got up at 6am to get to TPA office to get a bus to Tasha and Nicola's town. That took about an hour and a half, but met Charlotte, Phoebe and Alex (male) at TPA, so talked to Charlotte for most of the bus ride. She's really cool - she's from Worcester, and she's 21. But her placement is north of Bangkok, so I don't think we'll meet up as much as I'd like :( Never mind...
Umm, got to there and gfot in a mini van to go to the FLoating Market which was ACE! you get in a boat, and drive (?) to where all the stalls are - most of which are on boats themselves... I have pics Charlotte took, but will have to put them up another day... On Myspace or something... There's one on there already... I look shit! Oh, Sophie, I haven't brought any make up or straighteners, I'm roughing it for a month! I tried fried banana - which is LUSH, and rose apple and this kind of grapefruit stuff... Weird shit, but nice!
After that, we went for something to eat near a temple, then we went and took pictures of the temple, it was pretty, but burnt too much incense, so I left before it gave me a headache!
Umm, then we visited Rama 2's old house. A 'Rama' is the King... and they're on Rama 9 now i think, so this 'house' is really old. It's in loads of different parts, hard to explain, only pictures can describe!
Next, we went back to Mahachai, then caught a bus to Khao San Road (again!)
Umm, I'm tired now, it's 10.45pm so will update tomorrow to tell you bout the rest of my weekend and my first day of teaching!
From me to you, I send a kiss on the cheek :) x x x
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